UltraWiz Tools

In 2000, UltraWiz® engineers answered the request to produce a high-quality stainless cold knife blade with the benefits of edge sharpness and strength. Our engineers select stainless steel that resists twisting and bending, meeting our requirements for consistency and durability. Our unmatched hardening specifications have produced the longest lasting cutting edge available today. It is also the first coined stainless steel blade produced for the autoglass industry.

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7001-M UltraWiz® Standard Stainless Blade

10 per Tube
3/4" Cut Length
Use to precut urethane
Also use for narrow urethane beads


7002-M UltraWiz® Long Stainless Blade

10 per Tube
1" Cut Length
Our most popular cut length
Use for cutting most urethane beads


7004-M UltraWiz® XL Stainless Blade

10 per Box
1 1/2" Cut Length
Use for wider urethane beads and corners
Works best when precut with our Standard Blade

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